Screen shot approx of wac6 gravatarWilliam Carleton speaking. Subscribe to Counselor @ Law for daily posts pertinent to the entrepreneurial economy. These days, we're watching implementation of the JOBS Act really closely. As always, we do close readings of documents major media gloss over.

Check out the "river of blogs" I'm working on at http://wac6river.com (I'm a student of Dave Winer's EC2 for Poets). With lawyer friends and fellow legal bloggers, I'm also building http://legalriver.net, an aggregation of feeds from authentic law blogs.

2012 Press & Editorial

Bill expresses his views in other media on topics ranging from crowdfunding to the #Occupy Wall Street movement to the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act. He follows regulatory implementation of the JOBS Act in his regular Wednesday column on VC Experts.

Here is an index of Bill's work in other media in 2012:

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