Tweet Me Harder @ Arcane Comics

The Tweet Me Harder duo webcast live from Arcane Comics in West Seattle last night.

IMG_1690I was the oldest person there, by a long decade, though I didn't feel resented or unwanted. No one actually talked to me unless I initiated conversation, but, then again, no one talked to anyone else who came by himself or herself. And yet everyone smiled, made way when someone needed to get through, said "excuse me" when tripping over you.

I had a fine time. I found a spot near an outlet that I could plug my iPhone in, permitting me to run the #tmh tweetstream on battery-sucking 3G during the whole show. 

IMG_1678The show, the crowd, were . . . wholesome.

If anyone was selling anything or sponsoring anything, I missed it. By contrast, public events for tech geeks are practically Times Square with all the bling and booths and banner ads. This event could have been held in a public library and been more commercial.

Milling about after the show, I tried to pick up an Iron Man comic book but that's just not happening for me anymore. I came home and read On the Brink by Henry Paulson (a kind of grown up comic book) instead.

And here's an interesting fact for you: the younger, geekier generation may tweet with ferocious attitude, but it does NOT swear.

IMG_1700Half a dozen of us hovered over the pizza boxes at the end of the show (there was free cheese pizza, ham wraps, veggies and dip, cookies and soda), no one wanting to take the first slice. Finally I asked the gal who was putting the stuff out and she said it was okay and I took the first piece. I pocketed a coke to take home which was probably really uncool especially since the sodas ran out, but that is the kind of thing I learned to do in the artsy crowd I hung with when I was in my 20s.

Lord knows I tried to get someone to go with me. Tried to get my youngest son, but he had cooler plans. Tried to entice of my favorite clients, but he had a date. Tried to persuade one of my partners at the firm that he needed to scout fresh material for his podcast list, but he's too busy doing deals to spend a Friday night away from his family. I'll bet my brother Tim would have gone with me.

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