Getting to Know You & Daily Blogging

Fred Wilson has an extemporaneous post this morning, bristling with attitude:

"I second Ron Conway's hope that 'any entrepreneur that has "the guts" to start a company gets funded.' That is my kind of thinking. We need more entrepreneurship, not less."

He's talking about seed funding, "enough funding to actually build something and see if the idea and the team has the right stuff to build a company."

Here's another quote:

"[Y]ou just don't know what is a crazy idea and what is a brilliant idea. And you don't know what is a great team and what is a weak team. Of course, we have our opinions on that. We make those judgment calls every day. But we are often wrong."

No hard news in these statements, but the energy comes from their currency: Fred is parachuting (self-invited) into a dialogue at a Y Combinator conference that he missed and that he seems to be aware of because Anthony Ha blogged about, some 16 hours ago.

I wish I could remember the quote from the novelist Alison Lurie, something about how we reveal our true character in moments of crisis, not of our choosing. Well, daily blogging is like that even while it is the opposite of that. It's not crisis that peels back the layers of the mental onion, but it is pressure, even if self-imposed.

Here's another way to try to express what I mean: if you show up every day, you're bound to slip up from time to time and reveal parts of who you really are!

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