Disqus Reactions

The "reactions" reporting from Disqus on this blog has been broken for a few weeks now. I've turned off the "reactions" switch for the time being. I find it too discouraging to see folks on Twitter linking to my posts, only to find their reactions not registering on the blog. Comments seem to be working fine, however, and I'm grateful for that. 

The folks at Disqus have been really, really responsive to my communications. I usually get a substantive response within an hour, and they sometimes update me without my prompt. I've always thought well of Disqus and I may actually think even better of the company now, even with something broken and still not fixed. (Current estimate is the fix may take a week.) All because of their responsiveness, their letting me know what they think they can do and when they think they can do it. 

It brings up an odd quandary: how can I have customer-like expectations, how can they treat me like a customer, when I haven't paid Disqus any money for the (over the past year+) marvelous, nay, indispensable, service?

I think I probably am a customer because (along with many, many others) I am contributing to their dominance in the space, helping them test product and features while scaling, etc.

But I'm a different kind of customer, a beta web-service customer. As disappointed as I am about tweets not registering, I still feel essentially like the recipient of a gift!

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