A Sassier Bill Gates on C-SPAN Last Week

Times I've seen the mature, philanthropic Bill Gates on video - particularly in tandem with Warren Buffet - he's seemed so bland, it's like he's made a deliberate decision to show zero personality in public.

Picture 27But that wasn't the case with the half of a C-SPAN program that aired last week.

Partial credit may be due to the interviewer, David M. Rubenstein, Co-Founder and Managing Director of The Carlyle Group. Rubenstein makes a great straight man. He played dumb so earnestly, Gates perhaps felt less need to keep up a guard.

This particular video, the C-SPAN site says I'm not supposed to embed; so, here are links to four segments I thought were particularly revealing and funny. Each is about a minute long. I'll include the relevant time markers in case you want to browse the full video rather than follow each discrete link.

And here's a longer, four minute bit, about the origins of Microsoft. 

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