Founder Institute Seattle

The Seattle chapter of the Founder Institute graduated a class Tuesday night this week.

Each represented company gave a five minute pitch using slides, except, most expressly made the point that they were NOT looking for financing at this time!

Eric Huang

This seems to reflect a programmatic approach, part of the Founder Institute's training: bootstrap, launch, pivot, gain traction, then fundraise.

In the dot com era, we were more inclined to seek seed funding based on a power point deck. The order of the day is of course to bootstrap to a working prototype. I just thought it was interesting to hear each entrepreneur, to a person, giving the typical pitch (they were all very good), while disclaiming being ready to seek funding.

Pictured: Eric Huang of SkyGlue. As with other of the companies that presented Tuesday night, SkyGlue has a working product in beta.

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