What a No Fly Zone Sounds Like

Through @jasonthane's tweetstream I've discovered @FMCNL, who's tweeting the movements of Belgian, Danish, French, British, Italian, Canadian, US and other aircraft toward Libya and plotting the locations of Libyan airports.

@FMCNL tweets that he only reports unclassified information.

Here is a recording of a warning @FMCNL says was transmitted from a US military transport aircraft (a successor of the type that my father flew as a navigator in the 1960s).


Here's a transcript of the warning:

"Libyan ship or vessel, remain anchored, do not leave port. The Gaddafi regime forces are violating a United Nations resolution ordering the end of hostilities in your country. If you leave port, you will be attacked and destroyed immediately. For your own safety, do not leave port."

The warning is repeated in French and, I think, Arabic.

And here is a Google map from @FMCNL. The red tabs mark aircraft; the blue plane icons signify airports.

Picture 29

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