Cloudy with a Chance of Web Services

All this news about Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) going down made me want to try being a customer of it myself.

So I signed up last night, following the step by step instructions of Dave Winer's "EC2 for Poets."

4309801312_1f26f9be21_oI won't pretend I understood the significance of all the fields I filled in or the radio buttons I clicked along the way - I just followed Dave's instructions - but I did get a virtual machine set up and running in Amazon's cloud. I'm writing this post from my Amazon server!

To up the ante, I'm going to need my son Dan's help. He's a busy guy, so the next step for me may be to have to figure out what to offer in barter . . .

But this was a start. I like how Dave describes the significance of taking the step:

"The important thing is that now EC2 is not a mystery. Its purpose is to give you access to ordinary computers in a place where they're easy to get at through the Internet. The easier it gets, for more people, the more interesting things we'll be able to do, together."

Image: "Clouds - White Pass, Kings River Canyon (Proposed as a national park)," California, 1936.

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