The Censored Internet Is Also Popular

Vint Cerf gave an engaging talk at the Angel Capital Association Summit yesterday in Cambridge, Mass. He is a talented communicator. He covered: the history of the Internet; reasons Internet security is so poor; how “things” with sensors are being networked and what that will mean for energy consumption management and lifestyles; and the implications for the home planet of the emerging Internet for outer space.

Vint cerfAnd more. I’ll definitely welcome opportunities in future to hear him speak.

Here’s a slide he put up about worldwide use of the Internet. Notice the absolute numbers of Internet users in Asia. About half of those users are in China, Cerf said.

We hear a lot about the censoring of the Internet in China, he remarked. While true, the fact that the Internet is censored in China does not seem to be stopping a huge number of people from connecting to it.

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