Angel Trivia Daily on Amazon

Angel Trivia Daily for Android is now on the Amazon Appstore. The app tests your knowledge of startup culture and angel investing.

Amazon test driveAmazon has a phone simulation feature that lets you explore the app from your desktop. At left is a screenshot of the environment but better to take the actual test drive here. According to Amazon, taking a test drive "launches a copy of this app on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)." Pretty darn cool. 

I'm also pleased to see that Amazon has written some original copy to promote the app. Here is what it says:

"Know your way around LLC's and Sub S corporations? Want to find out? Have an Android device? If so, Angel Trivia Daily tests your knowledge of startup culture and angel investing. Angel Trivia Daily provides daily multiple choice questions covering topics and terminology from the arcane to the commonly misunderstood to the lawyer-geeky. Written by irreverent biz gurus William Carleton and Joe Wallin, Angel Trivia Daily is an entertaining and educational way to survey your startup awareness. - Tests your knowledge of startup culture and angel investing - Posits daily questions in a multiple choice format - Includes cheerful graphics and witty explanations"

As you may know, the app is published by the Seattle Dudes, LLC, an entity Joe Wallin and I run. It came out on iPhone initially and the Android version came out a couple weeks ago on the Android Market. Amazon started selling the app yesterday.

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