Spam on Twitter

My impression has been that Twitter keeps up well with illicit marketers' will to spam.

They show up as @ mentions, unsolicited uses of your Twitter handle that normally mean someone has quoted or referenced you. Spammers count on your natural curiousity to see how you're referenced in others tweets, to draw your attention to an ad or some phishing link.

Klout spam pageBut yesterday a startup I otherwise would have regarded as legit descended to this tactic. It was an @ mention from Klout promoting Pepsi. Totally uncool.

It will be interesting to see how Twitter deals with this kind of spam if and as advertising takes more of a hold of the mainstream Twitter experience. Will it be okay if Twitter takes a cut? Will it be something only Twitter and/or preferred partners will be allowed to do?

PS: Notice the message in the short bio for the spamming Klout account: "We use this account to notify people of Perks, if that bugs you please feel free to just follow @Klout instead." Nice try, but not a fair trade practice!

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