Verifiable Identities

Reading a slew of posts this week about online identity. And they are not resonating with me.

Controversy around Google+ requiring use of a single, normative name; partisan debate over the social utility or antisocial aggression of pseudonymity; the quest to unify disparate identities across platforms: I don't find the fulcrum in these arguments to lever me into a particular camp.

@id-61Perhaps my complacency is the tolerance of someone who's perceived himself, since late adolescence, as a poet. "Poet" in the sense of a person who thinks feelings, ideas and spirit can be embodied in words. Words that have the specific weight and bite of coins in a pocket. 

I do have a problem with anonymity. If you're going to post, at least have the imagination to fabricate a backstory!

Image from The Unreliable Narrator.

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