Art People Don't Use Foursquare. Do They?

I've noticed when I check into arts events or venues that I am often the only person registering on Foursquare's radar.

This happened again Sunday night at On the Boards in Seattle, where hundreds of people were enjoying the SuttonBeresCuller event and dozens were even using smartphones to snap pictures or do other things. The other things didn't include checking into Foursquare, because I checked when I was checking in. Just me there, virtually speaking.

Sports people use Foursquare.

Tech people use Foursquare.

NORMAL people use Foursquare.

Artsy people don't use Foursquare. Present company excepted.

Now that said, when I went to the desktop version of Foursquare, thinking I would plug in the names of some art venues and see what kind of activity they pulled, I bumped right into a suggested, ready made list of "Must-visit Arts & Entertainment in Seattle."

It's pretty slick. The site has simply taken my checkins and pulled them together into the beginnings of a Seattle art venue list:

Screen shot 2011-09-20 at 9.45.54 PM

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