Geeks and Scallops

John Cook and others have been writing about the huge changes taking place in South Lake Union.

In many ways, this neighborhood in Seattle seems poised to lead the entire region for the next couple of decades.

I watch the area with a modicum of envy from downtown Seattle, a distance close in miles yet half the way to Bellevue, spiritually speaking.

2011-08-29_20-25-58_407One weeknight recently I took the trolley there and had dinner at Flying Fish, on the sidewalk patio on Thomas Street. I was looking forward to having a glass of prosecco and reading the day's GeekWire in the summer evening air.

I did get around to that.

First I have to tell you an anecdote about a couple at the next table.

One of them, a fellow, engaged the waitperson in the following manner:

"I have a complicated question for you. Your scallops and your fish tacos. Let's say your scallops are one standard deviation better than the scallops at a comparable restaurant. Would you say the same applied to your fish tacos? Or are the scallops an additional deviation from the norm than your fish tacos."

I was taking notes before the waitperson could get a word in. Eventually, she was able to communicate that the scallops were the better choice.

But then the fellow needed to know, "Does what we're saying about the scallops apply to all the preparations of scallops on the menu?"

"Yes," she said authoritatively, cutting him off. Clearly, the restaurant isn't in Belltown anymore!

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