How Sausage Gets Made

Is it just me, or does it seem incredible to anyone else that Amazon and the California legislature can make a "deal" over state sales taxes?

5784711415_bcf6e203a7In one of those parallel lives it would be useful to have, I wouldn't mind being a blogger working in Sacramento, trying to flush out what the back room conversations were like and how it is that all the legislators "overwhelmingly" went along on the last day of the legislative session.

Here's what puzzles me the most: the reporting that legislators receive, as consideration for backing off, Amazon's agreement to "drop its effort to repeal the sales tax collection law on the June 2012 ballot." Why is this not reported as extortion? And what right do legislators have to interfere with the initiative process like that?

Part of the pernicious effect of Citizens United, legitimizing the absurd idea that money is speech? Maybe the next election will be so disgusting that the idea of amending the First Amendment will have legs.

Photo by libraryrachel.

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