Removing "Promoted Tweets" (Ads) from Twitter: An Update

Reacting to my guest post in GeekWire last Thursday, Fiddling with user timelines: A wrong turn for Twitter?, my son, Dan Carleton, came up with what he says is an even better method to suppress promoted tweets (ads) than his prior script:

"I realized that there's a much more elegant way to do this by using CSS overrides.  Here's a Chrome plugin that makes it easy:


"It looks like there's an analog to for CSS styles called  I created an entry there with the appropriate stylesheet:


"Caveat is that some slight padding might be left behind in the tweet stream, but there should be no lag in hiding new items brought in after initial page load!"

Dan CarletonOver a beer last night, Dan told me this is a much easier approach to maintain. It also gets rid of the promoted junk in the boxes to the left of your timeline.

I don't notice the padding Dan refers to. I did have to exit the browser, though, and restart it, to get the suppression to take effect.

Ah, serenity!

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