The Transcript: What Will the JOBS Act Mean for US Startups?

Yesterday's live chat on the Wall Street Journal, "What Will the JOBS Act Mean for U.S. Start-Ups," flew by quickly, but left a transcript in its wake.

The questions were fantastic. People are obviously reading and thinking about the the JOBS Act and what it means.

Among other points, we discussed the individual investment limits under the crowdfunding exemption, including the responsibility of funding portals to police the individual limits; the "daylight" afforded the SEC to make changes to current practices around verifying who is and is not an accredited investor, for purposes of Reg D Rule 506 offerings; and even differences between the crowdfunding exemption and the reformed Reg A, in terms of transferability of the purchased shares. All "inside baseball" stuff.

Screen shot 2012-04-13 at 4.49.09 AMI tried to lend my sense of how the JOBS Act was cobbled together, as well. That's reflected a bit in certain answers that were tweeted, as pictured here.

I see Eric Cantor's press office tweeted notice of the event.

I want to thank Angus Loten for moderating and Allison Lichter for producing. They got me trained on the system, called ScribbleLive, that the WSJ uses, and coached me through the event.

Props to Mr. Bay, his typing class I took in 8th grade, and the manual Underwood on which I learned to type. Can't think of any training that has been more useful for digital life in the early 21st Century.

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