Flickr's Instagram

No question but that there are tradeoffs, in the choice of how to take and where to post your photos.

I see that Blogger has remade itself, offering iterations of flipboard, snaphot, and other popular UI concepts. On the dashboard side, the new Blogger appears to make it easy to pull pictures from othe Google properties, Picasa and Google Plus. If I were using Blogger to blog, that might make Google photo products more compelling.

Toy car on roughed up ravenna blvdMost of the photos I use for blogging I find on Flickr. Flickr is not the easiest application to navigate; it always seems to require 2 or 3 more steps to accomplish something than you think it should. But there is a rich inventory in Flickr tagged with creative commons licenses. And, having learned (learning) the ropes for that purpose, it's more natural to put my own shots on Flickr.

And now I find a useful Flickr app for my android phone.

The Flickr mobile app is not as elegant or intuitive as Instagram. And it's not ubiquitous - it's not available for my iPhone. But the Flickr android app has filters, imitating Instagram (or the prior app Instagram successfully imitated!), and the process of capturing and posting a photo from your phone only takes 1 or 2 more steps (rather than 2 or 3) than it seems it should. Because it's acceptably useful as a substitute for Instagram, in terms of functionality for capturing and posting a picture, it's actually way better than Instagram, for me. That's because it has the added benefit of simultaneously loading my photos into Flickr, the storage service and blogging treasure trove.

Picture: toy car crossing roughed up Ravenna Boulevard, posted with the Flickr app's "Berline" filter.

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