AWS marketing event

Monday night this week I went to an AWS meetup in the South Lake Union area.

My ability to navigate and make use of AWS is quite modest. I have a static website on S3 that I use as a personal profile. I also store pictures and serve up some JOBS Act materials and other documents from S3 (though, when it comes to documents I post for linking to from this blog, I often just use Dropbox).

But I want to learn to do more and "self provision" more. This Seattle restaurant list, inspired over the course of an M&A closing celebration dinner, is my latest modest effort.

All by way of saying that the specific information presented at the AWS meetup was beyond me. During the presentation I happened to sit next to a woman I know, an engineer versed in databases, and she understood everything. Part of the discussion was about making sure that the parallel instances you are running of your application are on servers located in different physical locations. She asked a question about pricing that revealed she had already been working with these features.

I'm still working on how to link different pages in a bucket to the index file!

There's a sense of community at these AWS events that I like. Not community in the sense of people who already know each other or live next-door to each other or work in the same building. Community in the sense of shared interest about the frontier of self empowerment.

AWS marketing event

AWS Senior Evangelist Jeff Barr presenting.

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