Cleaning house

My two youngest kids and I have been cleaning house.

Over the years, our place has become a facility where temporary house guests, friends, estranged friends, and acquaintances of each of the foregoing store furniture, bicycles, artwork, scrapbooks, vinyl albums, dishes, linens, and more.

A clean house is a signSunday, the kids put two tvs, a synthesizer, a telescope, my old golf clubs, and framed prints and oil paintings on craigslist for the taking. Within a couple hours, almost every craigs they listed disappeared.

As I write this, my fiance and I are listening to an LP liberated in the upheaval of boxes and chattel: the New Hungarian Quartet's January 1976 recording of Bartok's Fifth String Quartet. It's part of what Wikipedia calls the group's "most notable recording," which Wikipedia refers to as "a CD album." I know better.

Photo from the picardcreative store on Etsy.

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