Coming soon, to a phone near you

One of my tweeps has "ooo'd" and another has "ahhh'd" over the posted interview of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at TechCrunch Disrupt. So I watched it.

The theme of the interview was Facebook's mobile future. Zuckerberg did some parsing of how mobile usage breaks out among the mobile web and native iOS and Android apps. But at the higher strategic level of monetization, Zuckerberg didn't say anything that wasn't already published in Facebook's IPO prospectus: the Facebook mobile experience must take the ads sequestered on the right-hand column on desktop applications and insert them directly into a mobile user's timeline.

Is conquering mobile to serve advertising at all consistent with "making the world more open and connected?"

Zuckerberg did say one thing I found endearing. "Everything I do breaks. But we fix it quickly."

Coming soon, to a phone near you

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