You may have noticed on the "Recent" page of this blog a flow of summaries and links under the heading, "Latest Feed from" is an aggregate feed for law blogs that publish frequently on topics relevant to the entrepreneurial economy. The feed pushes from a virtual server I maintain on AWS. It's built on the River2 community project.

FastriverThere are other places that list or curate legal blogs.

For example, Justia maintains an index of legal blogs that organizes them by subject, popularity and frequency of posting. I'm proud to say that the blog you are reading is this morning listed by Justia as the second most popular securities law blog.

And the American Bar Association maintains a "blawg" directory that includes a colorful, independent summary of each blog. How the ABA directory is presented allows for browsing and serendipitous discovery.

As far as I know, however, is the only aggregator pulling together law blog postings based on what is new right now. It's an aide to staying current on the essential tech law blogs.

You don't have to tap into it from the "Recent" page on You can also go directly to

I'd like to see have the chance of becoming a standard. If you'd like to pull it into your blog or adopt it in some other way, please let me know.

Photo: Carl Jones / Flickr.

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