Paula Broadwell on David Patraeus' vanity and psyche

It is often the case that you can glean more insight into the psyche of national figures from watching a half hour of C-SPAN than from putting the same time into reading newspapers.

Case in point: a Feb. 2012 bookstore appearance in which Paula Broadwell talks about David Patraeus and what drives him, which I caught on C-SPAN last night while at the gym.

BroadwellHere's a link to a three and a half minute clip I defined using the curation tools C-SPAN provides. At the start of this clip, Broadwell jokes about how Patraeus might send a drone to strike her down for intimating that he was behind the "King David" appelation used for him in Iraq. And at the end of the clip, Broadwell opines that Patraeus is driven by the voice of his father, repeating the phrase, "results, boy."

It's a bit too intimate and perhaps a little creepy.

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