Amazon and Google spar over cloud services talent

While I've been distracted trying to catch up on the fight in California between Zynga and Kixeye over management talent, Amazon has brought a similar case in my own Seattle backyard. Amazon is seeking to hamper what a former AWS sales exec may do for Google.

Geekwire screenshotThe Amazon suit seems to have come to a head. Geekwire reported last week that the federal judge in the Amazon case has issued a preliminary injunction, an order restraining the ex-Amazon employee from soliciting Amazon customers.

Now that sounds like a win for Amazon, but it's not really. The judge limited the duration of the court's restriction to the length of a contractual restriction that Google itself put on the executive when Google hired him.

Geekwire's report put the Amazon case on my radar and Todd Bishop's policy of posting links to primary source documents gave me a chance to look at the judge's order.

Check out the guest post I wrote for Geekwire to sum up what I found. It's titled Legal lessons from Amazon’s ‘noncompete’ battle with Google and has just been posted.

Happy new year everyone! I am so thankful for your support, your engagement, your passion. JLM's exhortation in the thread on Saturday's post will be my motto for 2013!

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