Cinema December

After a long *meh* spell, suddenly there's a bounty of theatrical releases my two youngest kids and I want to see.

Now Lincoln, that we attended right away, opening weekend. We took my fiance and my youngest son's girlfriend, too. What a treasure, a gift from talented, experienced Hollywood craftspersons. Lincoln hands you an imaginative key that helps you decode some of the mystery enveloping one of our greatest presidents, in a way not that unlike how Ron Chernow's recently study, Washington, A Life, in a different medium, a written biography, personalizes another.

Box officeThis afternoon we're heading out - finally - to see Flight, the new Denzel movie. We believe Denzel Washington to be the sole contemporary star who merits a place among the silver screen's all-time first order, on a level with legendary personalities like Cary Grant, James Stewart and Grace Kelly. It's worth seeing anything Denzel Washington does, just to watch him chew up the scenery.

The other new movies we want to see are the one about Hitchcock filming Psycho, and the one where Bill Murray plays a fun loving FDR, showing stuffy English monarchs how to cut loose on a country estate, American style.

It can be difficult to schedule a time all three of us are free. So it remains to be seen whether we will manage to see the latter two.

One date is firm. We plan to see The Hobbit, for the return of Ian McKellen in the role he was born to play, Gandalf, on Christmas Day. We are trying to persuade number one son and his bride to join us.

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