Guns and public health

I caught a fascinating segment on KUOW's Weekday with Steve Scher this morning. Scher interviewed Dr. Frederick Rivara, who, with another physician, Dr. Arthur Kellermann, authored an editorial, Silencing the Science on Gun Research, available online at the Journal of the American Medical association.

HandgunThere's a personal backstory here. It appears the authors of the editorial were once actively involved in public health research that sought to better understand how access to handguns correlates to violence, injury, murder and suicide.

Such research was effectively put to a stop by Congress in 1996, the authors maintain. Since then, legislatures have taken action to stymie what access public health authorities may have to information about guns, as well as to censor what physicians can talk about with patients who may be depressed or mentally ill.

The perspective of these researchers is another angle from which to view how ideological our country is about private gun ownership.

Photo: Charles Seguy / Flickr.

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