Startup lifestyle

The best lens from which to view startup culture this week has got to be Eric Koester's post, The Things All Unexceptional Entrepreneurs Do. Startupping, particularly for founders, is a day to day grind.

At the same moment, startup culture is being processed, filtered and homogenized by the forces that identify fashion and the people who extrude TV shows.

Party on

Startupping may have already become a recognized "lifestyle," alongside surfing, investment banking and veganism. It's probably not that important that the image have anything to do with what entrepreneurs do every day.

Somewhat ironic: the assimilation of startupping into popular culture coincides with the flight of angels and VCs from me-too social media startups to enterprise software and other B2B markets.

But I think it is okay for startups in the popular mind to be stuck in associations with consumer applications. A broader cultural suspicion that it can be hip and cool to work for yourself, that is more than okay.

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