Steve Inskeep's fiscal cliff haiku

As the US economy sidles up to the fiscal cliff, one professional journalist has the story covered from all angles.

That journalist is co-host of NPR's Morning Edition show, Steve Inskeep.

Inskeep has been tweeting little poems, in haiku form, under the #fiscalcliffhaiku hashtag.

"He offers eight, I
ask for ten. Obviously
we can't compromise."

Fiscal cliff

Here's another.

"The full moon flashes
between moving clouds. Congress
missed that moment too."

Others are tweeting haiku, too, but Inskeep's are the best.

Here's one reminding us that the laughs are at our expense.

"The sobering thing
about Congress is knowing
who elected them."

Inskeep is a good, all-around twitterer, of the pattering sort (bursts of well turned tweets on related subjects); but he's raised the standard with #fiscalcliffhaiku.

Photo: Universal Pops / Flickr.

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