Sweet Tooth 2

I finished the new McEwan novel.

The revelation in the last chapter is gimmicky. A bit like the final scene in the movie, The Usual Suspects, only less satisfying.

Sweet-tooth-ian-mcewanI freely admit the novel would have to be read again to test whether foreknowledge of the final turn would deepen appreciation of the narrator's earlier observations. But I fear that McEwan pulls the plug on the book's structural ambition there at the end.

I'm not revealing exactly what happens because I don't want to ruin the story for BF, who hasn't read it yet. BF is a regular reader of this blog who gave me my best birthday present ever when, on a conference call earlier this week, he introduced me to several other folks on the line by describing the subjects of my most recent blog posts, including the initial post about Sweet Tooth.

Now BF, and everyone else who hasn't read the book, I still wholeheartedly recommend it. Sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, the writing is so good. McEwan is as sure with words as Lionel Messi with a soccer ball.

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