The new Flickr mobile app

Someone at Yahoo is paying attention!

I uploaded the new Flickr iPhone app last night. (As you know, I do not go gentle into that app update, so I did so only after reading a glowing review.)

Flickr filter and tweetIt looks like you'll be able to take pictures on the Flickr app and post them to Twitter.

I tried it last night, and the picture nestled nicely in a Twitter card.

The filters are more interesting than those I recall from Instagram (though I used Instagram only briefly, stopping after it was purchased by Facebook).

It still feels like Flickr, because you can still access photos taken by people who know what they are doing with Cannons and Nikons and lenses with this, that and other focal lengths.

Pourtland Street

Flickr mobile app detailThe app is probably overkill for those who use incidental daily snapshots as a social networking vernacular. Too much information here for that purpose.

What I like most is the ability to find the license terms for each photo. The prior Flickr iPhone app I was using could not do this. I had to favorite photo, then go to the web to check license terms, before I could use a photo in a post. This efficiency is going to make it much easier to post to this blog from the road.

Pictures: Flickr mobile app filter/Twitter experiment; "Waiting at Great Portland Street" by Trowbridge Estate; one screen-ful of image detail accessible on the app.

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