The travel lifestyle

What would it be like to live, not your entire life, but years at a time, as though you were on the road?

You'd want to pack light. A simple canvas duffle bag, black, like you might use to tote gear for snowboarding, that would work.

Duffle bagYou'd need plenty of cords and cables and maybe a spare battery or two for your phone and laptop. The rest of us would expect daily reports so you'd have to maintain a consistent, virtual home on AWS or Azure or something like that.

If I went with you I would miss the books on my bookshelf. I don't consult them often, once read, but I like the idea that they are there. Hours of thinking penciled in the margins, the pages layered and stacked vertically, like steel plates, protected from digital obsolescence.

To keep from settling in you might really have to hit the road. Do it long enough, you might return home able to discern daily differences in each familiar hillside, crosswalk, neighborhood turn. No weather would ever be the same; associations of smell and sound would evoke timeless memories out of place, almost without place.

Maybe just the shoes on your feet with the idea that you would replace them from time to time.

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