Changed Google SDK terms prohibit Android fragmentation

Friday, Tim Anderson wrote on his IT Writing blog about changes Google has made to its Android SDK License Agreement.

These are significant changes. He writes:

"Google has revised the terms of the Android SDK license agreement so that users must now agree not to fragment Android by deriving other SDKs from Google’s official offering. In fact, you now have to agree not to fragment Android in any way as a condition of using the Android SDK."

What brought this change to Anderson's attention?

Apparently, he simply read the Android SDK License Agreement, then compared key provisions against an earlier version he had saved.

I love it.

As you know, I like to run redlines.

Though Anderson appears to have caught Google's shift in policy with the naked eye, I always feel material changes sing, pop, explode, stand out like a Chardonnay drinker in a bar serving PBR in plastic water pitchers, when you call the changes out in colorful redline.


SDK terms snippet

Full redline posted here.

Note: I don't know for sure when the changes were made. Somewhere between the April 2009 version taken as the baseline, and the November 2012 version currently posted, that's all this shows.

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