Flickr lite

Probably stating the obvious, but Flickr should consider releasing a streamlined version of its new iPhone app to make it more appealing to average users.

"Flickr lite" would do little more than offer filters. Photos would be stored in some default manner that you couldn't fiddle with on the app; those who wanted to do so would have to go to the web.

I drink your milkshakeHere's the gambit: the social aspect of Flickr lite should be all Twitter. So Yahoo and Twitter would need to make some deal.

I think it could work, based on how compelling Twitter cards are. Flickr photos are right in the Twitter card. Have you noticed how many fewer Instagram photos you see now if you are a Twitter-but-not-Instagram user? Now that it takes a click to see an Instagram photo, I generally bypass it.

As for power Flickr users who like the robust feature set of the new Flickr app - let them keep it, but rename it "Flickr pro." It might be the first "pro" app offered for free.

Now here's the audacious part: Flickr lite and Flickr pro would both let users, from the app, license their photos in three ways: (1) not at all; (2) under a CC license; or (3) for a set royalty fee, payments to be processed through PayPal.

Setting up Flickr to permit celebrities to control or even profit from their own image-making - that would be wholly antithetical to the regressive Facebook mission and could drive the cool kids over to Flickr.

Photo: Luigi Guarino / Flickr.

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