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Joe Wallin gave me a heads up that Quora had launched a new blog product on the Quora domain.

That's interesting.

When Quora launched, I expected most subject matter experts thinking of blogging would decide instead to put their effort into answering Quora questions. Certainly I thought most lawyers inclined to blog would do so, instead of setting up their own domains. But I was wrong about that. 

Back channelOffhand, the only person I can think of who uses Quora as his primary subject matter sharing storefront is David Rose. I wonder if the new blog feature will cause others to invest more online identity there.

Me, I never considered leaving this domain for Quora. But I was once taken with the service to the extent that I asked Adam Hindman to build a page for Counselor @ Law that would pull in Quora answers. That page ran for a while, but when my interest in Quora waned, I shut that page down.

I have once before toyed with the idea of an incidental, backchannel blog, a place to post random thoughts as they occur, whether or not those thoughts were grist for a daily post here at the flagship. Not promising that I will throw myself robustly into the new Quora blogging platform, but I'll experiment with using Quora in such a manner, see what happens. Here's the link: http://wac6.quora.com/.

Photo: "Applying filling to a channel back chair, 1936," US National Archives / Flickr.

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