Best actor

I'm glad Daniel Day-Lewis won the best actor Oscar this year for his portrayal of Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln.

I'm going to see the movie again and I hope so many other people will, that Hollywood titans at the top of their craft will make more movies rooted in American history.

Imdb-lincoln-movieWhether or not Day-Lewis captured the essence of how Lincoln, the human being, projected himself in real life, he did conceive and bring forth a very compelling interpretation that makes Lincoln less God-like, and all the more remarkable. A performance like that makes what Lincoln said, and what you read about him, more accessible.

Also gratifying to see the movie won the award for best production design. There was more creativity to the movie in that regard than you find in the magical fantasy movies or cartoons.

My favorite moment in the movie, now with the distance of 3+ months from first viewing, is when Lincoln bends down to tend the fire in a fireplace in a small room in the White House, while he is talking things over with William Seward, played by David Strathairn.

Here's my initial review of Lincoln, the movie. And here's my treatment of a Lincoln-inspired movie-to-be, about a singular moment in the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt, as told by Edmund Morris.

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