Crowdfunding, AngelList, and Angel Investors: The Venn of it all

John Sechrest of the Seattle Angel Conference recently invited me to give a workshop. We thought a good topic would be the overlap of angel investing and crowdfunding.


We came up with the title you see as the title of this post. "Venn" refers to Venn diagram. Hope that is not too obscure!

Below is the promotional copy for the workshop. If you're in Seattle March 4 and would like to attend, register here.

Time was, VCs didn't want angel investors mucking up cap tables. No more. Today everyone knows it's angel money, not VC money, that funds most tech startups.

Comes now investment crowdfunding: will angels now be the ones taking a turn looking down their noses at "amateur" investors?

Or is there a third way?

In this session, we will explore how crowdfunding is so very different from angel investing - but, also, where the two paradigms overlap. We'll also look at how innovations in angel investing may set "best practice" standards for crowdfunding portals.

Keytar playing platypus from Tenso Graphics.

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