Friends & rivals

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you already know what good friends Joe Wallin and I are.

We started the mobile app Startup Trivia together, collaborate on securities law reforms, and compare notes on practicing law.

We work in different firms, and our respective practices overlap, so you'd think we would be competitors; but we don't act like competitors.

Let me tell you a little story to illustrate.

Avatar-512Last week, Joe and I were walking back to our respective offices after wandering around Pike Place Market, where we had been brainstorming some nonsense or other.

JoeWallin_blogphoto_72At the northwest corner of University and 3rd Avenue, we ran into two young entrepreneurs who were making the rounds, calling on different startup lawyers in town to find an attorney to work with. "You should hire Joe," I said. "No, you should hire Bill," Joe said.

They probably ended up hiring Joe, and that is fine with me.

But there is one thing that Joe does that bugs me.

Ever since I started making the claim that this blog, Counselor @ Law, is America's #1 securities law blog, Joe sends me mail with links that show how his blog, Startup Law Blog, is gaining.

Friends & rivals

Today he told me my blog and his blog are number one and number two, respectively.

That is pretty cool, but I think he should now focus on the Meetup stuff that he does, or conquering Google+, or some such.

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