Things I'm learning from an early Spring cleaning

I and my two youngest kids, who live with me, are engaged in the biggest spring cleaning of our lives.

It was difficult to get started. And while we have now worked up momentum, the pace of our culling is not quick, only deliberate.

Things I'm learning from an early Spring cleaning

Half a dozen trips to Goodwill, as many to Half-Price books, three to Total Reclaim, two to the dump, and daily relentless recycling of paper, collectively yield the following working theories:

  • There are hundreds of CDs and scores of DVDs in the house. I listen to and watch none of them. They can all go. I won't miss a single one!

  • About half the vinyl records are worth keeping. Vinyl is the only reason to have loudspeakers.

  • There is no such thing as too many FM radios.

  • Three quarters of the books in the house, no one in the house will ever read. We simply won't. We'll go to the library or buy new books before we read three quarters of the books in the house.

  • I like the idea of art coffee table books but I haven't even ripped the plastic shrinkwrap on some of them.

  • When you (read, your children) let friends store their bikes, books, art projects, clothing and other personal possessions for the summer, you may not be doing them or your self any favors.

  • There is no service more important to a household than robust broadband. Well, except maybe water. And electricity.

  • If you (read, me) can keep your weight from fluctuating +/- 30 pounds, you won't need half your clothing.

Photo: Bianca Nogrady / Flickr.

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