Crowds of angels

I'm giving a talk later this morning for the Seattle Angel Conference. The topic is "Crowdfunding, AngelList, and angel investors: The Venn of it all."

Preparing for it yesterday, I put together this webpage. It will be my working outline for what I want to say in the "presentation" portion of my talk; and I think it will be a good resource for the workshop or Q&A portion of the meeting.

Venn diagramI am determined to never again present from a PowerPoint slide deck.

Microsoft's influence on how we work and think will resonate for a long time. Indeed, as I cull the Apple machines out of my life and return to PCs, I realize that in large part what's happening is the office worker training I received 20 years ago is reasserting itself. But PowerPoint is really a fad has passed. I don't know what the new fad is - Ted talks? (God help us.)

Anyway, check out that webpage. I think you'll pick up readily on the themes I hope to cover.

I'll report back.

Image: Rakka / Flickr.

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