Google in Kirkland

Lots of good stories in mainstream media yesterday about Google's announcement that it will expand its physical footprint in Kirkland.

Climbing wallGoogle already has an office there, in Kirkland, in the backyard of Microsoft. And Google has a small campus in the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle, on the other side of Lake Union, you might say, from the Amazon campus.

The New York Times story styles the Google announcement as a chapter in Google's quest to catch up with Amazon and Microsoft in the competence to provide cloud services to business. Amazon's AWS is the clear leader there, and Microsoft, with Azure, is farther ahead than Google as well.

John Cook's story in GeekWire emphasizes the Kirkland site's proximity to Microsoft's Redmond headquarters, but he notes that the Google employees there "work on products such as Google+, Maps and the Chrome Web browser." No particular "showdown in the cloud" angle there.

The Seattle Times story is as much a local real estate development story as a tech story, and that's certainly pertinent if you live and work in Kirkland. But the Seattle Times story does get into the history of Google as an employer in the Seattle area, and shares this interesting observation about the contrast about the difference between the Fremont and Kirkland sites:

"The Kirkland campus tends to have older, more family-oriented employees while Fremont attracts more young employees and recent graduates, said Anna Cavendar, a 34-year-old software engineer in Kirkland, who builds features to make Hangouts more usable for hearing- and sight-impaired people."

Photo: Dmitry Alexeenko / Flickr.

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