Moving Day

Big push today for the Carleton household. My two youngest children and I are transitioning from the house in the U-District where we have lived for the past 10 years, to separate, new digs for each of us.

Here's the state of the main living quarters in the house, turned now into a staging area.

Living room as staging area

Yesterday, before the kids got up, I took a load from the Goodwill sub-area in the staging area to the donation center at the Goodwill in Ballard. This is a drive through donation drop off set up; suburban in nature, but quite useful when you have stuff to give in bulk.

Van load at Goodwill

And here's the same van with papers and old master tapes from the first feature length film shot on HD Cam, way back in 1999, Back Spot Turn. The bulk of this load goes straight into basement storage.

Papers for storage loaded into van

Wish us luck. Today, stuff to move to three new households, then (probably) a run to the dump at the end of the afternoon.

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