Facebook is not the internet

News item: "U. S. employees set to be forced to give bosses their Facebook PASSWORDS."

It's time to stop letting Facebook, the affiliate marketing company, wrap itself up as a proxy for the internet.

FB loginIf you want to defend the internet, why take as a poster child a company whose business is antithetical to openness, transparency and user empowerment? A company that surrenders to an advertising model, as though 20th-century specific publishing models were the natural order of things.

Sheryl Sandberg is way cool, but the great work she is doing in stimulating debate about America's gender skewered worklife has nothing to do with her being an exec at Facebook. She could be at Google. Or John Deere.

If you want to defend the Internet, convince Peter Thiel to pay every Facebook employee $1 million to go back to college and get a liberal arts education. Imagine these guys (that's largely true, right?) read Camus and studied art history at the same time they were let loose with code.

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