Random thoughts about the startuppolicy.org domain

I'm returning home from the ACA 2013 Summit with heightened awareness of how organized angel investing is an international phenomenon.

Random thoughts about the startuppolicy.org domain

So I'm thinking of broadening the scope of what is posted at the startuppolicy.org domain.

The buzz in the foyer after a session that included Jenny Tooth's report on policy in the UK was, how about that 105% tax benefit!

Random thoughts about the startuppolicy.org domain

That kind of social welfare will never happen in the United States (unless Joe Wallin gets behind it), but, it might not hurt to have a ready link.

So we might organize the list on the domain by country or region of the world.

In terms of US policy, we should make a distinction between state and federal laws or programs.

And speaking of state initiatives: I have heard from someone knowledgeable in the field that six or seven different states now have non--accredited crowdfunding bills in the works. But I only know of two – Washington and North Carolina – on top of the two states – Kansas and Georgia – that have regulatory exemptions in place.

Dave Gillespie is keeping an eye out for us for activity in Ohio.

Anyone have a link or links to bills in other states?

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