More Morozov

This morning on the back porch with a cup of coffee I read "The Meme Hustler: Tim O'Reilly's crazy talk," an article by Evgeny Morozov in a magazine called "The Baffler" (I might subscribe to it, just based on the fun of the Morozov piece).

BKB0xIdCQAEOrInA few pages into it, I found myself wondering, "why would Morozov pay so much attention to a PR shrill? Won't it just encourage him?"

But deeper into the piece, as I recognized that the article pursues essentially the same theme as, and could serve as an addtional chapter in, Morozov's new book (to read my thoughts on that book, click here), I settled down. The Morozov thesis is one that bears repitition and iterative applications. And I feel in need of the corrective.

I myself am not so stupid as to subscribe to the O'Reilly RSS feed or follow him on Twitter. But I am stupid enough, even yet, to follow all sorts of people on Twitter who are meme hustling. I wish I had the courage to stop following all of them.

Anyway, the story of the day gets better. We walked to SODO and saw the Sounders kick the butts of the San Jose team. Lamar Nagle, the Man from Federal Way, scored two goals; Mauro Rosales scored on a wicked free kick; and Obafemi Martins came on in the second half and scored. All the Sounders had great games. San Jose is not a bad team.

And we walked home, and stopped at the neighborhood branch of the library and borrowed some DVDs. No Netflix, no Amazon, no internet. Throw in sunshine and it feels like living!

That said, I did order some cigars online this morning, early enough that they will ship today and hopefully make the meeting midweek I intend them for.

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