I'm gonna make you a EULA you can't refuse

Getting near the end of the new Lanier book, Who Owns the Future.

Not sure I am going to have much more to post about the book than I've posted to date. The themes have been there throughout and there hasn't been an arc to the argument (my "thought collage" description remains apt).

But I have to share, by quoting, some text from Lanier about EULAs. This from page 314: 

"The online space feels a little creepier, a little less under individual control, every time a user is asked to acquiesce to a bunch of fine print no one reads. The reason no one reads the fine print is that even if you do take the time, there will soon be a new revision, and you'd have to make reading the stupid EULAs a full-time job. . . .

"The reason people click 'yes' is not that they understand what they're doing, but that it is the only viable option other than boycotting a company in general, which is getting harder to do. It's yet another example of the way digital modernity resembles soft blackmail."

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