Another Summer

My friend Rob Dent of the band Stag invited me and my youngest son, Burgess, to drop by a studio in Seattle today, to hear the band work on overdubs for four new songs they are recording.

The band's lead singer, Steve Mack, told the producer, Jack Endino, that one of the tracks, tentatively titled, "In Your Ear," could use some hand claps on a bridge, so Burge and I were drafted to perform.

What a gas!

We missed our cue the first take, but caught on with the second, and I'll bet our clapping makes the final mix.

I was blown away by the collaborative way the band members and producer discussed problems and made choices. Law firms, startup companies, corporate businesses - they don't work that way, they don't measure to a negotiated aesthetic.

For me, the road not taken!

Another Summer

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