Patent archives as trove for 3D printing designs

Really lovely, old-fashioned post on the NYT Bits Blog this morning.

It's about an enterprising, artistic and apparently romantic lawyer, Martin Galese, who is resuscitating the utility of old patents. The post is called "3-D Printing the 19th Century."

CaptureThe image here is from the article and it is lovely to contemplate by itself. But go read the article. We should all do more of this - by "this" I mean, resist the compulsion of digitization to erase memory.

The NYTimes It's Blog post says Galese finds engravings in old patent filings "more beguiling than modern software schematics he has worked with as a patent lawyer."

That reminds me of a call I put out to several patent lawyer friends, after reading this post by Joel Spolsky dissing software patents.

I've gotten two responses to my call and will try to post those soon.

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