This Week in Law, tomorrow

Looking forward to being a guest tomorrow on This Week in Law, scheduled to stream for 90 minutes beginning at 11am Pacific.

I'm prepping by walking through this list of law topics in the news that will be fair game for discussion.

6a01156e3d83cb970c01901e8f1903970b-580wiPrivate securities law exemptions - our favorite topic on Counselor @ Law but, admittedly, not nearly as sexy as privacy, IP, or media law - may come up! If hosts Denise Howell and Evan Brown want to raise either the lifting of the ban on general solicitation or the new rules proposed for Form D filings, I shall be ready.

But I'm mostly looking forward to being part of the free ranging discussion and learning a thing or two!

Drop in on the stream if you can. I will tweet a reminder when the show is underway.

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