The 506(c) Seed Financing Blues

I know I can't just take from any Joe
Investment in my fledgling startup co.

But come the 23rd this month, I hear,
It's dope to advertise with brazen cheer

My need for funds. The only legal catch:
My purchasers must be accreds. (Well, natch.)

But wait, a second catch I now recall.
Accred! I have to verify them all.

The legal bloggers tell me I must hire
Someone like them to get me through the mire

Of 506(c), final and proposed,
And all the Form D notice filing woes.

One might have thought that Congress, when it passed
An Act to make it easier to gas

Small businesses to drive more growth in jobs,
It would have fended off last-minute lobs

To compromise by complicating law.
Oh well - democracy's systemic flaw.

The 23rd, I'll take my chances on that day
And verify by asking NSA

What it can tell me 'bout my purchasers.
Yes, that's my plan. It could be worse. And yours?

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