Meeting The Contracts Guy IRL

Yesterday I met up with Brian Rogers and one of his partners in Brian's St. Louis-based law practice.

Brian is of course @TheContractsGuy on Twitter, a friend of and frequent commentator on this blog, and the most astute mediator of my heretical views on contract drafting and Ken Adams's dependable rebukes.

We talked mostly about beer, and baseball, and national, state and local politics - oh, and law firm politics, too (present firms excepted, of course) - over beers at the Machine House and then, later, over scotch and cigars at the Vertigo Club.

But Brian and I did talk a little bit, too, about all the changes to private securities regulation. General solicitation, proposed new Reg D filing rules, even Title III crowdfunding.

Brian's and my respective practices are different enough, and our markets are different enough, that I was fairly surprised at how aligned our views are of all these changes.

Our discussion gives me more courage in my contrarian convictions!

More to come.

Super fun to meet Brian IRL, and his partner too. I hope to hang out with them again soon.

Meeting The Contracts Guy IRL

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